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Pearl and Fine Jewelry

Blue EarringsIt all began with a pearl bracelet. I had a pearl bracelet that I loved, and I had always wanted a necklace to wear with it. I finally asked a jewelry-maker friend of mine to show me how to make a clasp and string some pearls, and I couldn't stop what happened next.

Some years earlier, I began to understand intimately about my identity as a woman, and as a daughter of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. I started speaking and encouraging women about their royal identity, and how to step into their rightful inheritance, and what that means in practical ways to live as royalty in today's society. Then when jewelry making captivated me, I decided to make a bunch--for some of the women in my life who need a tangible reminder of the truth that they are precious, and that God delights in them, and that they have royal blood in their veins. The jewelry became a tangible reminder that as royalty, we should never "take off the crown." Revelation 3:10

As I made more and more pieces, I began to get visions of new designs. I began to remember passages in the Bible about pearls, precious stones, gold, and jewels. I began to declare to the women who wore them that they were daughters of the King and to pray for them to shed the old identity that has them in bondage.

White and Amber PearlsThe vision for women's identities lining up with their image-of-God identity has recently merged with my passion to encourage and assist widows in South India. The women in India, too, are precious, though some in their society consider them the lowest, poorest, and least valuable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our family has been passionate about supporting these women to get homes and step out of society's label for them. To this end, 100% of our profits from Pearls and Polka Dots will go to Hands On Houses each year until the jewelry we sell pays enough for one home for a woman who desperately needs it. Our goal is to fund one home ($3,500) per year from our jewelry. To these widows, a home is a physical symbol of them being valued in society. We believe these precious women are also royalty, and that financial provision is critical and just one of our tangible expressions to them. If you are drawn to our jewelry and purchase something from us, you may feel confident that your purchase directly supports these special women, as well as the special women in your life who will actually wear these very precious, individually made pieces.

Thank you for stopping by Pearls and Polka Dots. I pray that the jewelry blesses you and many others and that it helps to remind you of your royal heritage!